the key in the hand


the key in the hand

The Key in the Hand by Chiharu Shiota, the Japan Pavilion at the 56th Biennale di Venezia. A maze of more than 50.000 keys which were collected the past months with a donation campaign from across the world. Each key represents a memory, a story, a door to an unknown world.

The keys are held together by wool thread and form an impressive red rain cloud above two old boats. The boats symbolize two hands catching a rain of memories pouring down from the ceiling.

after party


The day after, party decorations on the walls in Lisboa.

roman holiday


Autumn break in Rome. Once again, a great opportunity to go window shopping.

let’s park



shopper’s paradise


Think big with Moschino.


men bag


No comment (made me smile).

window shopping


It’s always an adventure to go window shopping. The reflections in the windows challenge me to find the right angle to photograph it. One of my favourites is at Dior, at the corner of Via dei Condotti, Rome, reflecting the Spanish Steps.



Never a dull moment with all these textures around me, organic or man-made. The surface of things like walls, trees, rocks, pavements, etc. are an endless source of inspiration.

Here’s a sample of a series labeled ‘Stop! I really have to photograph this’.

inside big bambú


You certainly feel alive inside this huge organic bamboo structure made by the twin brothers Mike and Doug Starn, called Big Bambú. This unusual structure is around 30 meters high and made of thousands of bamboo rods. Constructed by American and Italian rock climbers using traditional methods. It’s worth a climb at MACRO Testaccio, Roma, until the end of December, 2014. For a vertigo preview click here.

it’s a /ˈluːphəʊl/



A serie of light – Star-shaped skylights, windows of churches and one of my favourite the loophole /ˈluːphəʊl/ a slit in a wall for light, air or shooting through.

blue monday


blue monday

happy new year!


good fortune

natural bricks


Lego for Christmas is always a good idea, especially this wooden version by Mokulock.
In Amsterdam available at Cos.


12 shoes for 12 lovers



New York-based Chilean designer Sebastian Errazuriz made 12 shoes inspired by 12 ex-lovers. This one is called Jetsetter/Jessica. Find out more and see the other 11 shoes on My Modern Met.

geology of shoes


geology europe

Today I stepped into the world of traditional shoemaking. I loved the concept and the craftsmanship of Barbora Veselá. She layers pieces of leather like layers of eroded sediment, with a colour scheme influenced by old geological maps. Her shoes are an instant must-have and a definite must-see.
So, sit back, relax and watch Geology of Shoes.