for gentlemen only


Window shopping in Amsterdam… A man’s doll face with next to it a card advertising a cellebrated nude dancer. Soltanto per Signori!

man doll

black bread clip


My 6 year old knows I’m obsessed with bread clips. Here’s her version which she left on my desk as a surprise. Tada! … another black bread clip.

black bread clip

l’art brut


Japanese artist Shinichi Sawada, who is autistic, creates these magical, monstrous clay creatures. He obsessively twists clay into spikes and places these on the main body structure. Per creature he uses hundreds of prickly thorns.




Quote of the day… Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.

have you seen me before?


Polar bear made out of polyurethane foam and feathers by Italian artist, living in Alaska, Paola Pivi. I saw this specimen in 2011 at the MACRO Testaccio in Rome. Now, there are more bears, 8 funky coloured ones, near true to size in an istalllation called ‘Ok, you are better than me, so what?’ at Galerie Perrotin in New York.

feathersgalerie perrotin store

it’s a pile-up!


Not to everyone’s taste (me), but this is what happens when you cut + paste traditional Dutch houses.
This pile-up is in fact a 12-storey structure with 160 rooms, the Intell Hotel in Zaandam, Holland.

intell pile up

have a ball



Twilight zone moment at Ikea with this monochrome ball pit.

bright idea


What a nice surprise! I found these lamps in Pittaki street, Athens. To brighten up the shady streets of the Psyrri neighbourhood, people of Athens were invited to participate and donate their old lamps and fixtures to build this installation of 150 lamps. Instead of reflecting the gloomy side of the area, it’s now glowing with light. More info



In 2008 Ai Weiwei made headlines for his quest to recover the truth about the number of student casualties after the Sichuan earthquake in China. His citizen’s investigation collected the names of all the victims, uncovering the truth about Chinese government’s corruption in hiding the actual facts. In 2011 Ai Weiwei was incarcerated for 81-days for his involvement in the investigation. After the quake 150 tons of steel rebar were recovered and straightened from the schools that collapsed. His rolling landscape installation (6×12 m) called Straight, at the Zuecca Project Space, for sure set some things straight.

why not in black?


I couldn’t resist painting a bread clip black and stick it to a 5 x 5 cm canvas. Hope to find a genuine black bread clip in a store someday.

.black bread clip

dior aw13


Autumn/Winter collection at Dior, Piazza di Spagna, Roma.




Book sculptures by Brazilian artist Odires Mlászho. The books flow together inspired by the möbius strip, without beginning or end.

photo safari


This made me smile at the 55th Biennale at Venezia. Photo Safari (2012) by Vladimir Peric at the Serbian pavilion. Wild animals made from used camera cases.




At first it seems confusing, German pavilion, Chinese artist, French pavilion. The German contribution at the 55th Biennale in Venice is an installation by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei in the French pavilion. Ai Weiwei has assembled 886 three-legged wooden stools. The stool was manufactured by a uniform method and was in use throughout China for centuries. Every family had at least one stool and was passed on from generation to generation. After the Cultural Revolution, aluminium and plastic have superseded wood as the standard material for furniture. The tree-legged wooden stool is slowly but surely disappearing.

dutch pavilion



Enjoying myself at the 55th International Art Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia. In the Dutch pavilion I found this Composition with Blue by Mark Manders, 2013, wood, painted wood, painted epoxy 13.5 x 23 x 33.5 cm.