red cross

Easter in Rome, a blue sky in Quadraro Tuscolano.

roman holiday

Autumn break in Rome. Once again, a great opportunity to go window shopping.

shopper’s paradise

Think big with Moschino.


men bag

No comment (made me smile).

window shopping

It’s always an adventure to go window shopping. The reflections in the windows challenge me to find the right angle to photograph it. One of my favourites is at Dior, at the corner of Via dei Condotti, Rome, reflecting the Spanish Steps.

inside big bambú

You certainly feel alive inside this huge organic bamboo structure made by the twin brothers Mike and Doug Starn, called Big Bambú. This unusual structure is around 30 meters high and made of thousands of bamboo rods. Constructed by American and Italian rock climbers using traditional methods. It’s worth a climb at MACRO Testaccio, Roma, until the end of December, 2014. For a vertigo preview click here.

have you seen me before?

Polar bear made out of polyurethane foam and feathers by Italian artist, living in Alaska, Paola Pivi. I saw this specimen in 2011 at the MACRO Testaccio in Rome. Now, there are more bears, 8 funky coloured ones, near true to size in an istalllation called ‘Ok, you are better than me, so what?’ at Galerie Perrotin in New York.

feathersgalerie perrotin store

dior aw13

Autumn/Winter collection at Dior, Piazza di Spagna, Roma.


let there be light!

Jason Rhoades, untitled 2004, seen at the MACRO Museum of Contemporary Art Rome.

I always like neon, especially when it’s made into art. Neon is a chemical element, discovered in London in 1898. The first commercial neon sign was used by a barber in Paris in 1912. In 1923 the first neon sign arrived in the United States and became an instant hit for outdoor advertising.

master of light

David & Goliath in the street. Inspired by, master of light and dark, Caravaggio.

motorino parking

monumental cones

Wonderful ice cream cones at Gelateria dei Gracchi, Via dei Gracchi 272,Roma.

the last winter cherry

Winter cherry, also known as Indian ginseng, is a natural supplement believed to restore emotional balance. For sure this version, covered with dark chocolate by Giuliani, will give an extra boost.

another thrill

Christmassing in Roma isn’t bad either.

alley cat

An alley cat by C215 aka Christian Guémy, a French street artist from Paris, who has been described as France’s answer to Banksy.